August 13, 2019 - New York to See To Kill a Mockingbird

Karen and I drove to the Hamilton Train Station of NJ Transit and took the train to Penn Station. We then caught a cab to one of our favorite hotels, the Michaelangelo on 51st, where they had a fab room waiting for us after a short wait. While we waited we had a drink in the bar. We did a tourist tour of the area and then went to dinner at Bar Centrale on 46th for dinner. Bar Centrale is a Joe Allen restaurant, and is a very cool place. It is unmarked from the outside and opens just in time for a pre-show dinner. You have to know about it and be prepared to find it, like a speakeasy. It features small plates, each of which I found delicious.

After our early dinner, we went to the Sam Shubert Theater on West 44th street to see Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”. We got into the security scan line and chatted with some folks who charter bussed in from Jeff Daniels home town. Mr. Daniels was, of course, playing Atticus Finch. The unique thing about this staging of the book was that the play was written by Aaron Sorkin. Karen and I both loved Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” series on TV a few years ago, also starring Jeff Daniels, but I found the dialogue not up to my expectations. However, Karen like it. Overall, though, it was enjoyable.

All in all, quite a nice way to spend a couple of days/evenings. If you can, you should try to get to Broadway once in a while. It is a unique experience.

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