July 24, 2019 - My Cars - A History

Since I just posted a piece about Karen’s new car, I thought it might be appropriate to list the history of my cars. This list shows the dates purchased and sold, but these dates are from memory. While I have tried to make this list as complete and accurate as possible it is from my memory only and, as such, the model year may be off by a little bit in the case that the ownership dates are not accurate.

The list omits some cars that I did not own or lease, such as the Porsches I drove in Autocross events in the D.C. area in the late 1960s. It does include the autos that my spouse drove during the time of our marriage. During most of my adult life I have owned two or more cars at any time, and sometimes I had three. I like cars that perform well, are comfortable, and exhibit good design and execution. There is a mix of cars from around the world: U.S., Britain, Germany, Sweden, France, and Japan. Most cars have components or manufacture in other countries. For example, my Jeep Cherokee Chief was a Chrylser Corporation product and was assembled in Canada. I have long favored British and German designed (and built) vehicles. I loved the simplistic and effective engineering and design of the Hillman Minx and Austin Healey, as well as their design and in the case of the Healey, performance. In later years I have focused on BMWs and Mercedes cars because of their precise handling and fine craftsmanship, as well as design. As you can see from the list, I have favored sedans, both small and full-size, with only the Jeep and BMW X5 being what is now called an "SUV".

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