August 14, 2015: My Achilles Tendon and Related Surgery

My Achilles was repaired surgically on Friday, August 14, 2015. I tried to avoid surgery since February, but the tear just got worse. After slicing and dicing for 2&1/2 hours, I was sewn up with about a 10-inch J-shaped scar. The surgeon, who I play some golf with, said it was much worse than expected. I said that was easy for him to say. He also repaired some issues around my ankle and heel.

I am doing fine now, with a full cast for the next couple of months or so. Karen is taking really good care of me... Maybe I can milk this thing for a while as she waits on me hand and foot (especially foot, I think).

So much for golf this year. My new career is that I will watch and report on daytime TV shows for a fee.

That's all for now. No pity, but I will accept your envy as I lay back all day and watch reruns of 1930s B&W film noir.

Click here for a couple of gruesome photos of my surgery. Don’t click if you are the slightest squeamish:

Note: this was writeup, sans photos, was posted to my Facebook page; you may have read it there, too.

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