August 22, 2014: National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Grant Award

An Ursinus College team of professors that I have been working with has just been notified that we have been awarded a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation through their Innovation Corps program. This grant is to act as seed funding to advance the commercialization of our product. The product, as it currently stands, is software and data that detects cyber-bullying and cyber-predation, and provides tools to combat these acts. It has been licensed to one firm thus far, and we hope to license the technology more broadly and to produce a standalone "app" for it. It is unique in many ways, relative to other detection and reporting systems, in that:

  1. it learns from language use and evolves;
  2. it can differentiate between common teenage forms of chatter to detect actual bullying or predation; and
  3. it not only detects and reports bullying and predation, it has tools to combat them.

Our team consists of:

One of the requirements of the NSF grant is that we attend a three day orientation and program held at the University of Texas, followed by a weekly series of mandatory project status and update sessions. This is to ensure that the grant moneys are well-spent and have the best chance for success.

I'll update you with more information as the project progresses.

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