March 19, 2014: Honored by PSU Faculty

At the spring faculty meeting of Penn State Great Valley, I was the surprise honoree of a tribute to thank me for my years of service. I am both humble and grateful for the recognition by my peers, who are all highly dedicated professionals committed to the success of their students. A number of distinguished professors made complimentary comments about me, my classes and teaching, and my students. I was taken aback by the accolades. These are people for whom I hold great respect and their comments about my work at PSU meant a great deal to me. They capped this off by presenting me with a statuette replicating the famed Nittany Lion statue found in front of Rec Hall at Penn State. It was engraved with a message memorializing the tribute.

Nittany Lion 10” Statuette

It is I who should thank Penn State Great Valley for the immense opportunity that I have enjoyed since 2003 to meet and perhaps influence our next generation leaders and builders of our society. Thank you Penn State, and thank you faculty and administration. I have loved every minute of the experience.


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