January 11, 2011 - Hip Replacement Surgery

On January 3 I was admitted to Bryn Mawr Hospital to have my left hip replaced. The surgery was done by Dr. Joe Vernace and everything went well. I was released on January 6 and went home to recoup and rehab. The surgery itself is remarkable, with the hip socket replaced by a titanium receptacle lined with a dense plastic, and the upper part of the femur is removed and a ball joint of titanium is attached by inserting its long base into the core of the femur. The effect is remarkable; just ask anyone who has been through it.

The expected recovery time is variable, but is generally around a month to walking without support of any kind. There is a period of what I'd term minor rehab, mostly self-paced and at home, to regain some muscular strength and flex.

The same surgeon at the same hospital replaced my left knee in 2003 and that had an excellent outcome. I am looking forward to returning to my normal schedule and activities soon.

There are a couple of things that I have to say about my recovery:

  • Karen has been unbelieveably helpful and giving thoughout this whole episode. She has waited on me "hand-and-foot" and seeing that my every need or want is fulfilled. She has worked very hard to make things normal for me and done everything around the house, all the while putting in full work weeks.
  • Our friends have all been so very kind and helpful. Pete has come by to visit more than once and brough some of Dorothy's world's best Mac 'N Cheese; John and Jackie brought over a gourmet Veal Marango, which was awesome; Rich has called to keep up; Rick has called and will be stopping by soon; Sasson has offered any help I migh need... you get the point. Everyone has been great.
  • The nursing, tech, and support staff at Bryn Mawr Hospital were simpy the best. The home therapy folks from Main Line Health are awesome. I cannot complain about any lack of care or support.

I am a little behind on some of my activities, such as emails and work with my students, but I hope to catch up soon. Thanks to all for your toughts and support.

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