Main Line Health - Paoli Hospital Recognition

Karen and I were listed recently on the wall of Paoli Hospital in recognition of our contribution to Paoli Hospital. The real honor belongs to Karen, who is Chief Information Officer of Main Line Health System, of which Paoli Hospital is a part. Karen contributes in her work, and we contribute to the work of the hospital system. The new patient pavilion at Paoli is a spectacular addition and part of the forward direction of Main Line Health. Recently, another of their hospitals, Lankenau, has been renamed “Lankenau Medical Center” in light of their status as a great teaching hospital. They are also undertaking a major set of capital improvemants. Bryn Mawr Hospital has recently undergone similar expansion. Main Line also owns Riddle Hospital, Bryn Mawr Rehab, and an expanding suite of min-hospitals and treatment facilities.

Wall of Recognition Paoli Wall - Thomas

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