February 11, 2010

Unusual Snowfall

Several Successive Large Snowfalls

It is an exceptional winter, with a number of heavier than usual snowfalls so far. Recently, we had a heavy snowfall on the 5th and 6th of February. Then we had another record-breaker on the 10th and 11th. We are expecting another on the 16th and 17th

Two scenes from the 7th follow. The first is our back deck through the kitchen window. The second is from our front door.

Snow Scene snow scene

The next snowfall was intense, a day and a half of snow, resulting in up to thirty inches in the area. We got a couple of feet, with some winddrifts at twice that. Plus the snow shoveling, plowing, snow-blower piles got pretty deep besides the driveway. The snow is up to the mailbox. The snow shoveled from the back deck reaches almost to the deck in piles. Photos follow depict our house; Chuck with snow blower; the mailbox; and Karen, the shoveler:

snow scene snow scene snow scene snow scene

Finally, on the 11th, I cleared the driveway and walk, and most of the back deck:

snow scene snow scene

This is all remarkable because we rarely get this kind of snow and to have it several times in a winter is very unusual. This will end up being the most snow in a winter ever recorded in the Philadelphia region. Generally, our winters are much milder. It is pretty for the first few days, however. That is unless you have to dig out.

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