June 19, 2008

Matt & Kelly News

Matt Graduates to Middle School! Honors Galore!

At his school's awards ceremony, here are is what Matt was honored with:

  • Intramural Excellence
  • All Year A-B Honor Roll
  • All A Honor Roll this marking period
  • Academic Excellence Award from the President
Matt also got three distinguised awards (only one student gets these awards):
  • Excellence in Science
  • Excellence in Math
  • Excellence in Social Studies

Matt is very involved in athletics, as well. He played football in the Fall, basketball int he winter, soccer in the Spring, and now is playing basketball in the summer. The school coach asked him to play AAU basketball, and he is also attending the76ers Basketball Camp, and took private lessons from The Shootist.

Kelly Gets Straight A's - Again!

Kelly continues her excellence in school, finishing second grade with straight A's. Not only that, she is having a great time participating in ice skating, which she has done this Winter and Spring. Hopefully, we'll post some pics soon.

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