May 12, 2008

Karen Injury Update

On Saturday, April 26, Karen tore her right Achilles Tendon while playing in a tennis match in one of her leagues. She was taken to the Bryn Mawr Hospital Emergency Room and splinted. On May 1, she had a surgical repair of the injury, which was a complete tear of the tendon. She is on crutches and in a "splint". On May 19, she will have her 15 stitches removed and be put into a full walking cast. She should be in the cast for several weeks and then in a "boot" for several more weeks. During this entire time, she cannot drive due to the injury being on her right leg.

She is in good spirits, and is back at work several days/week - working the remaining days from home. Thanks to all her friends and our family for the cards, flowers, and other thoughts and support.

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