March 31, 2008

New Format for Welcome page... Welcome Box Selection

The Home Page of now features a scrolling selection box of "What's New". This will eventually replace the What's New selection box on the left side list of selections. Currently, this feature only works on Internet Explorer and equivalent browsers that support ASP. Other browsers will work as before. If you didn't see the box on the Home Page, your browser is not one that supports this.

This is a part of the migration of this website to being more data-driven. All of the What's New selections for the new scroll box are small data files that can be produced by any content-production tool. The link information is fed to a control file, which then feeds the scroll box.

If this is too technical for your tastes, I apologize. The rest of this site is not dedicated to discussing how the site was created and/or managed. Please enjoy your trip through the site.

June 06, 2008

New Format Now Works in Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Other Browsers

As well as in Explorer (all relatively recent versions), the new scrolling What's New on the Home Page now works with Safari, Mozilla, and many other browsers. Enjoy.

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