November, 2006: Working with Lyrio, LLC

In July of 2006, Michael Cassady and Howard Hoffman formed Lyrio to provide a spectrum of IP telephony services to small and medium businesses. Howard was formerly a neighbor of mine, and as we discussed the new business it sparked my interest. I joined them as Executive Vice President - Strategy and Business Development, helping establish strategic directions, develop the business plan and work with potential investors. I also work with partners and affiliates, establish marketing programs and materials, and work with potential acquisitions. Lyrio has an aggressive strategy of building and acquiring the wherewithal to provide an integrated array of services, including:

The company is busy building a sales and marketing network network, has put in place and is continuing to grow its superb installation, support and service team, and is developing strong reseller relationships with the key hardward vendors in the industry. The company is already operating profitably, and its projected growth is impressive. I anticipate a very exciting next few years helping to continue the Lyrio story. Need a better phone system for your business? Need help with your networking (local and carrier services)? Need someone to manage your network and telephony? Need a better wireless service? Need to integrate your voice, data, and video? Give us a call at 1-888-LYRIOIP or drop me a note at

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