February, 2006: Consulting Availability

Just prior to the end of the year we learned that Comcast executed a major reorganization, bringing in new outside senior management and realigning their business units to bring together video, data, and voice elements and to reduce the effect of "silos" within the business. TargetTV, my group, was "made redundant",  as the British say. After a couple of weeks to work with our team to ensure everyone landed safely, I exited the company. I am now a free agent, without any significant contractual obligations to hamper my activities.

Consulting Interests  (also see Professional Objectives and Executive Summary)

I am now working as an independent consultant providing professional services in strategic planning, innovation, intra/entrepreneurship, and turning changes in technology and our environment to business advantage. My focus is in the retail and entertainment/media/communications sectors. I am available to provide direction, leadership, and team-building, as well as to help organizations focus on change, and clarify new directions, create and implement strategic & tactical plans.

I am an agent of change, finding opportunity out of the chaos that radical and disruptive change introduces. I can help your organization adapt, adopt, flex, learn, embrace, and celebrate your new future.

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