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Comcast, 5/2000-2/2006
VP/GM, TargetTV

Recruited from IBM to formulate and head several interactive television (iTV) initiatives, created business plans and executed the strategy of combining two heretofore independent initiatives to create an end-to-end iTV value proposition. Comcast and QVC formulated the joint venture concept that became TargetTV to provide viewership measurement, interactive advertising, and impulse commerce. Created the TargetTV's business and technology strategies. Comcast acquired the Liberty Media (QVC) share of the JV as of 1/1/2005.

Also participated in numerous QVC and Comcast partner evaluations, trials, and reviews, and served as a primary leader for iTV, enhanced TV, and TV retailing. TargetTV was shut down 2/10/06 as a result of an overall Comcast restructuring.

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