I was a life-long pick-up basketball player until Fall of 2002, when I had a knee replacement. At that time, Karen and my surgeon induced a promise from me to not play anymore. I don't. Now I work out occassionally and play some tennis, bike some, ... you know, a little bit of everything. But my new passion is golf. See the section on golf below.

2002 NCAA Champions - The University of Maryland

2002 National Champ Terrapins 2002 National Champ Terrapins

Love those Maryland Terrapins, 2002 NCAA Champs and 2003 Final Eight. As a Maryland undergraduate and graduate alumnus, they make me proud, and I happen to appreciate Gary William's (coach) style of play.



April 22, 2016 - RiverCrest in the Morning

We belong to the RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve and have since it opened in 2003. We play together and independently, and Karen is active in both the club’s golf committee and in the WGAP (the Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia). She is a much better player than I am, but I do have fun playing.

Karen took this photo near the second hole while on her morning run:
RiverCrest in the AM

RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve
RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve
   1275 Black Rock Road
   Oaks, PA 19456
   610.933.4700 x202 (membership)
                  RiverCrest View
                  RiverCrest Club House

In September of 2003, I joined RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve, which is a premier course which opened initially in the spring of 2004. It was founded and is run by Dan Lejeune and Brandon Lejeune of Lejeune Properties. I can walk to the first tee from my home in about 2 minutes. Needless to say, Karen and I play a lot of golf there, and my game is, well, improving.

The course is designed by Signature Course Design and is a par 72, 6,900+ yard shotmaker's course. (To view a video tour of the golf course (no sound), click here.) There are six tee positions with different driving angles, and the greens are designed to USGA standards to create a "Master's like" putting experience. The bentgrass fairways and greens are supported by a state of the art drainage and aeration system. The course contains a 42-acre Natural Wildlife Habitat Preserve.
RiverCrest Course Illustration     RiverCrest Practice Area
Located adjacent to the magnificent 45,000 sq.ft. Clubhouse, the 300-yard double-ended practice range includes a short game area, practice bunkers and putting green. Located at the opposite end of the range, the expansive Golf Learning Center is staffed with PGA Professionals for advice and lessons. Incorporating the latest technology, the Learning Center offers indoor/outdoor video golf training and an indoor simulator for year-round instruction and practice. A fully equipped Golf Fitness Center is located in the Clubhouse, and is available year round (Karen and I use it in the winter).



July 3, 2019 - Chuck & Bruce Win Flight, Extend into Playoffs at 2019 RiverCrest Member Member

Bruce and I played the five rounds of the tournement and won four of them, winning the Flight of six teams. We then entered the playoffs with the other nine winning teams, and we survived the first playoff hole while six of the teams were eliminated. Similarly, we survived the second hold of the playoff and entered the final hole with only a few surviving teams. The playoffs were “alternate shot”, so I teed off and promptly hit my worst shot of the entire tournament... but it did not go into the water (a real possibility). Bruce followed up with a spectacular shot to the fairway, leaving me 147 yards from the pin. I hit a beauty this time and it rolled right alongside the hole and continued to roll about eight to ten yards past and a little off the green into the “first cut”. Bruce gave me a nice chip to about 1.5 yards from the pin. I should have no trouble with the shot, but apparently the moment got to me and I slightly pulled the putt and missed. We were eliminated.

It was a fabulous event: great group of guys to play; great weather; great course setup and condition; great staff support; great facilities and food, snacks, drink, meals; and a great partner. Thanks to all. I had a really good time all weekend.

Below: Bruce and me after we cleaned up with our trophies; and part of the crowd following the action:
Us with trophies The fans


July 16, 2014 - Chuck & Mike win RiverCrest Men’s League Division; Enter Championship Playoff

This summer, Mike Bartunek and I won our 8-team division in the RiverCrest Men’s League Golf Tournament, a summer-long event capped off by a playoff between divisions for an overall champion. We won our division but did not win the overall championship. See our trophy (Mike and I each got one):

RC Mens League

There were a total of 32 teams participating in the league, and it was both challenging and a lot of fun.


Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State Penn State
I spent my first couple of years in college at Penn State, where I was on the Freshman basketball team until I blew out my left knee. I am a Paterno fan, and a Nittany Lions fan. What a remarkable long term record.

Alma Mater Football

In recent years, Karen and I have been attending Penn State football games at University Park. Each year we are guests of the University President, Eric Barron. We have the great pleasure and advantage to be able to stay with our friends Mike and Diane at their home in University Park, and then to attend the game in the President’s box. Mike, a Penn State grad, and Di bought their house as a second home to facilitate their enjoyment of their many visits to Penn State. In 2017 we also attended a game in the stands, which is a very different and exciting experience. We have loved going to these games and to the overall weekend festivities.

I get the tickets and invitations to the games for a couple of reasons. First, I am an active participant in some of the many efforts of both universities to support entrepreurship. I am on the Board of Advisors for the Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies, and I am Chairman of the Innovation and Entrepreurship Committee. I also taught dozens of graduate courses over eleven years. And secondly, Karen and I have contributed significantly to Penn State and to a much less extent to The University of Maryland. We, for example, donated the Electronics Lab at the Penn State Great Valley campus. So, we get tickets!

In 2018 we also attended a University of Maryland home game in College Park, Maryland, against Ohio State University. See below for these events.

November 17, 2018 - Maryland vs Ohio State Football Game

As you may know, I have my undergraduate B.S. Information Systems Management and my MBA degrees from The University of Maryland. I attended the College of Business and Public Administration, now renamed the R. H. Smith School of The University of Maryland.

In 2018, we had the great opportunity to attend the University of Maryland football game agains Ohio State, as a guest of President Wallace Loh. President Loh is a visionary leader who is transforming the University in many ways, from the massive upgrade of the overall physical plant to the increase in world-class and world-leading programs, facilities, instruction, and student body, and to the campus-wide focus on entrepreneurship. The game was a block-buster and was the best football game I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Ohio State and Maryland tied the game after regulation play, 45-45. Maryland had come on strong at the end. Then Ohio State got the ball first in the OT, and they scored a TD and extra point. Maryland then scored and was in position to kick the extra point to tie the game once again. But, instead, they went for a two point conversion to end it one way or the other. This was a very brave and endearing thing for them to attempt. Yes, they did not win the play when the receiver dropped the ball, but the attempt was phenominal. Sure scared Ohio State, who had 10 wins to that point of the season.

Over the recent few years I have had the opportunity to work with current Dingman Managing Director Holly Dearmond and her predecessor Elana Fine, and R. H. Smith School Director of Development Nick Brennan, and many others. I have had a minor role as a Dingman Center Mentor to startups. And Karen and I have worked with Development Specialist Amy Juang to pursue our interests in supporting Maryland.

The great thing about going to Maryland events is that I can double up with a visit to Georgetown University, where my grand daughter, Kelly, is studying Computer Science. You can find more about her in my Family section of this website.

Below: The game from the President’s box late in the game; and a view within the box:
The game The box

Below: Kelly and me at Georgetown University; and Karen and Kelly enjoying a tour of the Georgetown Campus:
Chuck and Kelly Karen and Kelly

October 27, 2018 - Penn State vs Iowa Football Game

Wow! That is the only expression to describe any Penn State game, and especially a “white out” game. When we go to a President’s box game, we drive up the night before and go to dinner with Mike and Di. Then we plan our entry and exit to and from the game (about 100,000 people attend the game and the many elaborate tailgates. We head up to the Innovation Center for the pregame President’s Tailgate. We are greeted personally by President Barron, and then sit at a table, most times with our campus Chancellor and Board Chairperson and others in positions similar to our own. We have an opulant buffet and open bar to enjoy. And then the entertainment begins. We get the Lion to pose with, the marching band comes through to play some tunes, a performance band is there for the duration, sometimes we get a theater act of some sort, Veterans are honored, certain alumni are honored, Athletic Director Sandy Barber gives a pep talk, and President Barron gives a talk. Then we board busses for the short ride through the mob of people going to the game, and get off at a private entrance to the statium, take an elevator to the box, and there is the field in front of us. And, oh yes, there is another fabulour buffet in the box (but no alcohol). This year (2018) Penn State defeated the Hawkeyes of Iowa 30-24. Saquon Barkley is the real deal.

Below: Karen and me greeted by President Barron; and PSGV Board Chair Joe Henry getting greeted:
Greeted by Eric Barron

Below: Karen and me at the tailgate; and PSGV Chancellor Jim Nemes at the tailgate:
Us at tailgate Jim Nemes

Below: A view of the game from our seats in the box; and the new ice hockey arena where my friend Mike and I attended a game vs Princeton:
The game from our box Penn State vs Princeton Ice Hockey

November 5, 2016 - Attended PSU vs Iowa as Guest of PSU President Eric Barron

Karen and I attended the President’s Tailgate party and the Iowa game as guests of the PSU President. Our friends Mike and Diane Bartunek, who are great Penn State fans and who have season tickets to the Nittany Lions, joined us in the experience. We stayed at the house that they maintain in State College just to travel to and attend PSU functions.

The “tailgate” party was held at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel in a very large room. There we were greeted by President Barron and escorted to our table, one of about 300 guests. The Nittany Lion Band, the Lion himself (or is it herself?), Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour, a musical group, a theater group, a technology innovation demonstration, open bars, and a fantastic array of food welcomed us. It was overwhelming.

Below is our group at the President’s Tailgate, and The girls with the Lion and Sandy Barbour:
OurGroup WithTheLion

We were taken by private bus directly from the door of the Penn Stater to the door leading to the President‘s Box, an intimate little affair for 300 people. We, however, were led to a more private box separated by a glass wall, where we were in the first row of seats in a 6-seat by 4-row arrangement. Behind the seats was an enormous array of food, once again, which was continuously replenished with additional selections during the game. Virtually anything you could think of was provided, including thinks like blankets in case you were cold, and such. We asked our hostess, Meghan Kelly from the Great Valley campus that I am involved with, if the box windows could be opened and, viola!, within minutes the windows rolled up. The atmosphere and sound of the game and the crowd was infectous. It was an experience to remember.

Below is Karen and me in our box at the game, and Mike with us at the top of our seats:
ChuckAndKarenInThe Box InTheBox

The game itself was a 41-14 blowout by Penn State. The team played great in all phases and the crowd was definitely a factor. We totally enjoyed being a small part of it.

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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles
Living in the Philly area, I love those Eagles. I think they will make it to the Super Bowl again under Coach Andy Reid and with Donovan McNabb leading the offense. (Note: Eagles image from the Eagles website,


Martin's Dam Swim Club & Tennis Club
   Croton Road
   Wayne, PA 19087
Did I mention that I am playing a little tennis now and then, and like golf, my game is "improving". I joined Martin's Dam a few years ago for tennis and swimming, though this year I let my membership lapse in favor of more golf time. Martin's Dam is a beautiful facility with eight Har-Tru surfaces. In the winter, I play from time to time at Gulph Mills Tennis Club. Karen is the tennis player in the family, playing several times a week (when schedule permits) and participating in (and winning) tournaments. She is a 4.5 player, but her friends say she really plays at 5.0. Me, I am not ranked.

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