Our Home in RiverCrest Estates

We have been living in the RiverCrest community since December, 2004. Our new home is wonderful, meeting and exceeding our hopes and expectations. We enjoy the community: our new neighbors, the ability to take walks, the community center, and the golf club. We belong to RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve and can walk to the first tee and to the fabulous clubhouse. We have made a whole cadre of new friends and are enjoying the experience, the facilities, the golf, and the friendship.

Below are some pics of our home as of 2010. But for a view of the interior, click here for a video (just under three minutes).

Front of the house - 2010

Front - 2010

Back of the house - 2010

Back - 2010

November, 2004: We are moving into our new home!

We are moving to a golf course community, RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve, and sold our "old" house (see below).

We sold our home as a "For Sale By Owner", saving a considerable sum. It cost a bit to post to the Multiple Listing Service, get a sign, and so on, and we negotiated to pay a Buyer's Broker fee, but still saved about 3% of the sale price. It took a total of about five weeks to sell. I created a website ("www.OverlookLane.us" - click here to see what it looked like) to help sell it, which drew a lot of interest. We had several offers of one kind or another... one from a couple who withdrew their offer when they realized that they needed serious work at their current home before they could sell it, and another contingent offer based on a tax-exempt rental property swap. The people we eventually contracted with, however, were very straightforward.

The new house is in a community build around RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve, a private course just completed in 2004. There are several sections (Carriage, Fairways, and Estates), and we are in the Estates section. They are now building a Masters section, as well. The Estates homes are situated on a bluff between the Schuylkill River and the golf course. It is all in an area between Collegeville, Oaks, Royersford, and Phoenixville.

The new house is approximately the same size as the old house; perhaps a little bit larger. But it has a more "useful" layout, particularly for our current style of living. It is new, and that means less work that I anticipated with the old house which I bought new in 1989. We have been busy painting and making little changes to the place prior to the move-in, and while it is minimal, it is still a lot of work. The house is "nearly new", having been occupied for about nine months by the original owner.

Our Old Home

We moved from this house in December, 2004, into our new house. The pictures below are of our "old" house:

Front of House 2003

House Front 2003

Front of House Spring 2001

House Front 2001

Garden (2001) by Front Window

Garden By Front Window

Lower Rear Deck

Lower Rear Deck

Side Toward Rear Decks

Side Toward Rear Decks

I moved into this brand-house in December, 1989. Karen moved in six years later, when we got married. I loved this house, especially after Karen made it a real home.

I wired the house as an "intellegent house", with a wiring system that included cable, and programmable wiring to each room that can be LAN, telephone, security, or sound system. The house has a total security system, upgraded with cameras that record and send intrusion pictures real-time by email. Cool.

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