Merle & Liz Thomas and family

Brother of Chuck

Son of Grandma Day

Family Gathering at "Mudville" in June, 2007

In late June, 2007, we gathered at my brother's farm in West Virginia to celebrate my Mom's life and prepare for her internment. Merle and Liz were there, Nina and Art and their son Dean and his brand new wife, Holly, our cousin Mike McKetta, and Karen and I were there. Later we went to the gravesite and buried Mom's ashes alongside Dad. (See Grandma's life and burial .)

"Mudville" is the name of the farm my brother Merle and his wife Liz occupy and farm.
Mudville Sign

Mudville As You Enter It
Mudville from the road

The Family in the Kitchen
Family, sans Art (taking the photo)

Mom's Three Kids - Merle, Nina Charles
Goats in the Barn

Other Pictures of Merle & Family

Merle & Liz - 2001
Merle & Liz

Merle & Ma & Liz
Merle & Ma & Liz

Merle & me at Family Reunion, 2000
Merle and Me

Beth (Merle's daughter), Cindi, & Chris at Reunion
Beth,  Cindi,  Chris

Merle at Uncle Johnnie's in Texas in 1954
Merle at age 17

Merle is my older brother, and is a university engineering professor and all-around guru; he is probably the smartest guy I have ever met. He has always been the rock, and we really are grateful to have him as a brother. Liz is his sweet, sweet wife. They live on a farm in West Virginia, where they apparently raise everything that Noah could think of. If you want the very best ham, honey, syrup, butter, soap, or any of too many things to mention, they have it. They are extraordinarilly resourceful people. You'd like them.
One thing: Mom always liked me more.

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