Kelly Thomas

Chris & Cindi’s Daughter

Chuck’s Granddaughter

Kelly Noelle was born to Chris and Cindi on September 20, 2000. Kelly was and is very active, She loved to climb things (anything) and had King Kong's grip, and is strong-willed and very smart. And she is a stark, raving beauty. Oh, look out world!

She is an outstanding field hockey player, playing for her school and for a very competitive Princeton-based team. She does very well in school (straight A's), since she could write (phonetically) since she was four. She is also the most fun person to be around.

May 11, 2019 - Kelly Gets a “SMART” Scholarship

Kelly is finishing up her first year at Georgetown University, and has done very well (as she always has done). Her major is Computer Science and her minor is Design, so she is combining her tech thinking with her artistic bent. When Karen and I visited her in the Fall when we also went to the University of Maryland versus Ohio State football game, she gave us a great tour of the campus, including the Library where she works. How does she find the time?

The Department of Defense runs the National Defense Education Program, and it offers a scholarship known at the SMART (“Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation”) Scholarship. Kelly has recently been awarded the SMART Scholarship, which includes 100% tuition, fees, books, room/board, and a significant cash stipend. Also, summer internship is a part of the program. Kelly has opted to work at The Naval Surface Warfare Center - Ship Systems Engineering Station located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, a modernized campus built from the old navy yard. She will perform her internship there in the summers between her Sophomore and Junior years, and will work there for three years after graduating from Georgetown. This is a very prestigious award. From the SMART website: “The SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program was established as a concentrated effort to enhance the Department of Defense (DoD) workforce with talented, innovative and brilliant scientists, engineers and researchers.”.

I am and have always been very proud to be Kelly’s Grandpa.

May 11, 2018 - Kelly Prom Photo

Here is Kelly just prior to leaving for her Senior Prom at Holy Cross High School. Not only is she very, very smart and accomplished, a successful athelete, and a very charming and funny person, she is, well, beautiful. Take a look:
Kelly Prom Photo

November 19, 2016 - Kelly’s High School Field Hockey Team Plays in PA State Final

Merion Mercy Academy, where Kelly is a Junior and plays Field Hockey, had a tremendously successful season. Taking a nine game win streak into the state playoffs, they lost to Donegal in the state championship final game. There was a big crowd atthe Zephyr Sports Complex north of Allentown.

Below is their playoff ladder:

Here is an article about the state semi-finals from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

We are all proud of the team, and I am particularly proud of Kelly and her participation. She is now going to play for the Princeton club team in the TeamUSA sponsored leagues. Over Thanksgiving, she will play in Palm Beach, FL, in a tournament to kick off that season.

August 24, 2016 - Matt & Kelly Photo

On this beautiful summer evening, our family got together at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel, NJ, for a get-together meal. We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up, and discussing the kids’ plans for the Fall. Matt will be a sophomore at Elizabethtown College, and will continue playing basketball. This year he'll be on the varsity team. He is taking a full load of courses, including Comparative Politics, another math course, and a diverse set of required courses. Kelly will be a junior at Merion Mercy Academy in Bala Cynwyd, PA. She'll continue with her full-on honors coursework, where she maintains straight A’s, and has just started her Field Hockey practice with the school’s team. She also has recently moved up to the Princeton Field Hockey Club 19 and under team (she is 15), up from the 16 and under she has been on.

For a treat, here is their photo from that evening:

Matt and Kelly

April 28, 2016 - Kelly Inducted into Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society

Kelly, a sophomore at Merion Mercy Academy, was honored by an invitation to join the Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society. This honor is a result of her overall GPA (Grade Point Average), plus her GPA in Math classes, plus the Honors level mathematics courses she had taken. We are tremendously proud of her accomplishments - in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and elsewhere.

As an aside, Kelly’s father, Chris (my son), was a stellar math student, too. He won the New Jersey Math award several times (every time that he was eligable during his school years), and got perfect math scores on his SAT College Board exams. My brother and sister both have advanced Math degrees, and it seems to run in the family - except for me. I can count clear up to seventeen. Most times.

November 30, 2015 - Kelly’s Team Wins USA Field Hockey Gold Medal

Kelly has been playing for the Princeton Field Hockey Club (“Princeton FHC”) for several years now, in several age divisions. She is currently playing on the “16” Division (she is 15). November 24-28 Princeton FHC played in the TeamUSA National Festival for Field Hockey, held in Palm Springs, CA. Her team went 6-0 and won the national Gold Medal for her Division (H-16) for her pool of teams. This is quite an honor. Pictured below is her team holding their gold medals and their award plaque. (Note: Kelly is in the blue circle.)

Kelly's 2015 TeamUSA Competition Gold Medal

This year Kelly, a sophomore, also played for the Merion Mercy Academy Field Hockey Team (both Varsity and JV). They went to the PA state playoffs. Last year she played for Holy Cross in NJ. She is not only great fun and a very good athlete, but she is also an outstanding student. See Kelly's 2015 Merion Mercy team below. (Note: Kelly is number 21.)

2015 Merion Mercy

December 25, 2014 - Matt & Kelly Christmas Portrait

Below is a photo taken by Grandkids Matt (age 17) and Kelly (age 14) by their Mom, Cindi and sent as a Christmas card:

Matt & Kelly at Christmas, 2014

Kelly is a Freshman at Holy Cross High School and is a straight “A” student and is an avid field hockey player, playing on the High School JV team and on a club team run by the Princeton coach.

See also Matt for this photo and a desciption of his current interests.

July 5, 2014 - Kelly at our Family Grill-Out

Kelly posing on the deck Kelly and her GrandPa at the Grill-Out

Kelly’s sparkling personality plays out well in this first photo, and my happiness at having her there shows in the second.

August, 2012 - Kelly at the Lake

Kelly at the lake, Aug, 2012

As you can see, she is quite a beauty. And with brains and athletic talent, too. Best of all, she is fun and great to be around.

December, 2009 - Kelly at Our House for Christmas

Kelly during Christmas visit Family portrait

Kelly was in a relaxed pose as we opened Christmas presents.            And here we are all together.

June, 2009 - Kelly Continues to Earn Straight A's

As Kelly finished Third Grade, she continued her academic excellence. This year she was in a play, ice skated, and started tennis lessons. Here are some 2009 pics:

Kelly at Matt's Induction
Kelly Portrait

Kelly Twirling
Kelly Twirling

Grandpa and Kelly
Grandpa and Kelly

June, 2008 - Kelly Gets Straight A's - Again!

Kelly continues her excellence in school, finishing second grade with straight A's. Not only that, she is having a great time participating in ice skating, which she has done this Winter and Spring. Hopefully, we'll post some pics soon.

Kelly's 2006 (Kindergarten) School Photo
Kelly's 2006 School Picture

Kelly with ner new bunny at Matt's Birthday
Kelly with the stuffed talking bunny

Kelly at her Soccer Game - May, 2004
Kelly waiting to get back in the game

Kelly's Portrait at Matt's 7th Birthday - Spring, 2004
Kelly Portrait,  March,  2004

Kelly in Sunglasses at Matt's Birthday, 2004
Kelly in Sunglasses

Kelly's Portrait - Spring, 2003
Kelly Personality
This photo demonstrates Kelly's fun personality!

Kelly with Chris & Matt Portrait - Fall, 2003
Kelly,  Chris & Matt Portrait

Kelly's Portrait - Spring, 2001
Kelly Portrait

Chris with baby Kelly
Chris and Kelly

Matt with Kelly, Spring 2001
Matt with Kelly Playing Doctor

Matt & Kelly at Grandpa & Karen's
Matt and Kelly

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