Some Good Friends

Friends are central to the enjoyment of life. We are blessed to have a number of very good friends, some of whom are pictured here. These photos are a sampling of those taken during a variety of events and get-togethers.

Thanksgiving, 2018

We hosted our (now) annual Thanksgiving dinner for “The Usual Suspects”, a group of our close friends with whom we share many activities. With them we travel, play golf, generally socialize, and have great dinners hosted by each couple in turn. They are a fun bunch and fun to be with.

Below: the Thanksgiving table; and the group (Jackie, Dorothy, John, Jerry, Kate, and Pete):
Thanksgiving The guests

Christmas with The Group, 2011

Every year a group of us get together at Smith & Wollensky’s for a Pre_Christmas feast. We sit at the bar and chat and then retire to the dining room and order soup to nuts. We spend four or five hours talking, laughing, and just enjoying the company of one another. In the photo below, clockwise from the lower left, is John, Chuck, Pete, Dorothy, Karen, and Jackie. (For additional photos of the scene, click here.)

The Group - Christmas 2011

Stone Harbor, 2010

For the fourth year in a row, Karen and I spent a week in Stone Harbor with Pete and Dorothy, our close friends. For the second year in a row, Rich and Bashi joined us. We rent a fabulous house just off the beach (we can view the ocean from the porch), and we can walk into town as well. We ride bikes, walk the beach, play in waves, lay in the sun and read, and... we feast like we’re at a party thrown by Dionysis and Adephagia (you know, the Greek god & goddess of winemaking and gluttony). We have a great time together.

Karen, Chuck, Bashi, Rich, Dorothy, & Pete

New Year's Eve, 2009

A New Year’s Eve dinner party at Becca’s Restaurant made New Year's Eve a special occasion for me. I really enjoyed our evening together - it was a great goodbye to 2009 and a wonderful welcome to 2010. What is better than to have good friends with time well spent? We all laughed boisterously with our opportunity to celebrate… friendship more than event, I think. I am full of optimism and hope for the coming year and decade, and I especially look forward to sharing our time together. The venue was a good choice, so thank you to Pete for setting that up.

A special congratulations to Jerry for achieving his goal of earning his MBA. It was a long and difficult journey made with many sacrifices, but one that I hope he looks back on with fondness.

Note: These New Year’s photos are a little dim and not shart, having been taken on a BlackBerry in a relatively dark room. Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos, but notice how much fun everyone is having.

Chuck & Karen, and John & Jackie

Chuck and Karen John and Jackie

Pete & Dorothy, and Jerry & Kate

Pete and Dorothy Jerry and Kate

Rich & Bashi, and Ian & Dawn

Rich and Bashi Ian and Dawn

New Year's Eve, 2007

We gathered at Pete & Dorothy's house for a festive evening featuring great friendship, sumptuous hors d'ouerves, a spectacular dinner, flowing champagne & other liquid delights, entertainment by their adorable Westy, Piper, and (again) the pleasure of each other's company. Here are some portraits:

Pete & Dorothy

Pete and Dorothy were our gracious hosts for the evening
Pete & Dorothy

Rich & Bashi

Rich and Bashi are always fun and funny
Rich & Bashi

Jerry & Kate

Jerry & Kate, longtime friends
Jerry & Kate

Chuck & Karen

Just so you'd know how dazzling Karen looked
Chuck & Karen

Thanksgiving, 2006

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to have friends and family join us for Thanksgiving dinner. Below are some photos:

Karen & Charlotte

Karen & her mom, Charlotte, in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, 2006
Karen & Chralotte

Pete & Dorothy

Pete & Dorothy, Thanksgiving, 2006
Pete & Dorothy

John & Jackie

John & Jackie, Thanksgiving, 2006
John & Jackie

Jerry & Kate

Jerry & Kate, Thanksgiving, 2006
Jerry & Kate

Thankgiving Dinner

Around the Thanksgiving dinner table, 2006
Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving, 2005

John and Jackie

John and Jackie, Thanksgiving, 2005
John and Jackie

Peter and Dorothy

Peter and Dorothy, Thanksgiving, 2005
Peter and Dorothy

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