Chris & Cindi Thomas

My Son & Daughter

Chris was born in Silver Spring, Md, in 1969. He has always excelled in whatever he set out to do. The thing I admire most about him is that he is, truly, a "good person". He is a great father, actively involved in all of the kid's activities. He is one of those people who everyone seems to genuinely like. He is always upbeat, good-humored, and pleasant to be around. He is very bright... he got a perfect score on his SAT test in high school and was programming computers while in Middle School. He loves sports and excelled at several, including baseball - his favorite.

Chris got lots of honors growing up, like the NJ math student of the year award several times. He went to Carnegie Mellon to study for a dual degree in Math/Computer Science, and then decided he wanted a more well-rounded college life and transferred to Albright College. When he was finished with school, he worked with me for a while at Apris and then ICON Solutions, where he was a brilliant software developer. He then worked for another IT Professional Services firm until helping to found what is now Blue Vault. Chris is President of Blue Vault.

Chris fell in love and married Cindi Allegreto, and we all love Cindi. She is a beautiful person in every way, and is a wonderful mom. I could not have wished for a more perfect daughter to join my family.

February 11, 2019 - Chris has his 50th Birthday!

My son Chris celebrated his fiftieth birthday on February 11. Chris has been a great son because he is a very good person. He and Cindi have raised two kids, Matt and Kelly, and they have been dedicated and involved parents. Matt is now a Senior at Elizabethtown College and has begun his Masters degree work, having obtained a five-year scholarship award prior to entering. He has started on the basketball team all four years as well. Matt will have a BS and a MS in Secondary Education with Special Needs Certification. He will be a great teacher and a very good value for some school district. And as a 6’4” male who can coach basketball (and other sports) as well as teach regular and special needs courses, he should find good employment. Kelly is finishing her Freshman year at Georgetown University as a Comp Sci major. While she had a scholarship coming into the University, she has just been awarded a DoD scholarship that will pay for 100% of her schooling and provides a stipend and summer internships as well, and a guaranteed job at the end. Her work will be in Cyber Security, a field that is in great demand.

Chris has been the President of BlueVault, a cloud based provider of litigation management, for more than seventeen years. He developed the prototype concept, built the company, and had managed it profitably through the years. He has both technical and business acumen and can "walk and talk" (gibberish meaning that he can express himself well and make and close sales).

To say that I am proud of my son is an extreme understatement.

Below: a selfie of me, Kelly, and Chris taken at the Phillies in 2018:
Chris at Phillies

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Chris, Growing Up

Chris was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, at Holy Cross Hospital on February 11, 1969. We were living in Wheaton Woods, which is in Rockville, MD, in a small brick 3-bedroom split level home. When Chris was about two, we moved to Cherry Hill, NJ, where we lived in a four-bedroom two story home in a very nice neighborhood.

Chris grew up in that house and developed into a sport-loving, active kid with lots of friends. He walked took a bus to grade school and walked to middle school, and then bussed to high school at Cherry Hill East. I remember playing football and baseball with Chris and the neighborhood kids many times. It seemed like I did three things during that era: work, play basketball, and play with Chris and the kids. I especially remember the early years when Chris would race his Big Wheel around the block. What a hoot!

Unfortunately, Chris's mom and I split up in 1980 when Chris was 11. We maintained a cordial relationship, which continues to this day. I would see Chris for some period each week, most weeks, though it was never enough I am sure. We'd go to 76'er games, box lacrosse games, and so on. We'd usually have some "event" to spend time together, but sometime just hung out. My favorite memories are those times with Chris. The photo below is one of my favorites, from when Chris was in grade shcool. The other one below is from 1980 when we visited the zoo portion of a park.

Chris and his Dad in 1976Chris and his Dad in 1980

Below: Chris and me at the door of our Overlook Lane house in 1989; and Chris in France in 1992:
Chris and Chuck at Overlook Door in 1990 Chris at wine barrell

December, 2009 - Christmas with the Kids at Our House

We had a memorable Christmas celebration with Chris, Cindi, Matt, and Kelly at our house, after which we adjourned for dinner at The Black Lab in Phoenixville. Presents all around, and I believe that everyone had a great time - as I did. Here are some photos:

Family Portrait From Above

Cindi & Kelly Karen & Kelly

Chris Karen

Matt Kelly

December, 2009 - Chris's Company, Blue/Vault, Announcement

Update Again: My son Chris is now President of Blue/Vault. This happened in late November. I expect the company and Chris to both continue to grow and develop successfully. I am very proud of his accomplishments and his leadership.

January, 2009 - Chris's Company, Blue/Vault, Announcement

Update: My son Chris is Executive Vice President of Blue/Vault, a company offering Internet systems for high volume case management to legal firms and departments. He personally developed the prototype for the investment group that formed Claiment Systems, and Chris helped develop the company and its products and get them successfully deployed to a customer base. Chris has been promoted to run the company and as part of that he has re-branded and renamed the firm to "Blue/Vault" and repurposed its marketing.

Top play a couple of very short movies of Chris in his first 7 years, click here.

Photos From Matt's Induction into Nat'l Jr. Honor Society - 2009

Matt & Kelly Portrait - 2009 Matt Getting Inducted

Chris with his Pop

Some Additional Chris, Cindi, Matt and Kelly Photos

Chris at Matt's 9th Birthday Party, 2006
Chris at Matt's 9th Birthday Family Brunch

Chris & Cindi, Fall, 2001
Chris & Cindi Kiss

Chris & Cindi, with Matt and Kelly at Matt's Birthday, March 21, 2004
Family at Matt's 7th Birthday

Karen, Chris, Matt, Kelly, and Grandpa Fall, 2003
Karen,  Chris,  Matt,  Kelly,  and Grandpa Fall,  2003

Chris & Cindi & Kids at my house, Fall 2001
Chris,  Cindi & Kids

Chris in Middle School                 Karen, Cindi, & Kelly
Chris in Middle School Karen,  Cindi,  & Kelly

Chris, Cindi, & Matt with Grandma at 2000 Reunion
Chris,  Cindi,  and Matt with Grandma at 2000 Reunion

Chris & Cindi's First House in Williamstown, as of 2000
Chris & Cindi's first house,  as of 2000

Chris & Cindi's New House, bought in 2001
Chris & Cindi New House

July, 2005: Family Visit to Museum of Natural History in Philadelphia

The family (Karen and me, Chris and Cindi, and Matt and Kelly) went to the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History in July, then to dinner. Here are some pics from the museum...

Chris Family Portrait at the Museum Matt and Kelly in T-Rex Mouth

Chris with the kids Matt and Kelly digging in an archeology dig

Karen with Matt and Kelly Karen at the Museum

Grandpa with Matt and Kelly

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